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Installing Knopflerfish

Installation instructions for the complete framework

You need at least Java SE 6 to install the framework.

The Knopflerfish OSGi framework should be installed by simply running the distribution jar file, either by double-clicking on the distribution file, or by the command:
    > java -jar knopflerfish_osgi_sdk_<version>.jar
This will open an installation wizard for selection installation directory and which components to install.
OSGi framework runtime files
The execution environment, including the Knopflerfish OSGi framework and bundles
Java sources and build environment
Installs all java source code files and a build system for rebuilding Knopflerfish locally form the supplied source files.
Knopflerfish Documentation
The Knopflerfish user and developer documentation.

If you don't need the wizard, installation can also be done in batch mode, by entering the command:

    > java -jar knopflerfish_osgi_sdk_<version>.jar -batch -silent
...or by simply unpacking the jar file manually. (WinZip is also capable of unpacking .jar files)

After successfully installing Knopflerfish you may move on to starting the framework.

Installation instructions for the tiny, remotely loading framework

  1. Unzip the distribution zip file
  2. Execute framework_compact.jar
        > cd
        > java -jar framework_compact.jar
All bundles defined in remote-init.xargs will be loaded over the net.

Please see the next section for setting and configuring Knopflerfish run time options using .xargs files.