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Knopflerfish version 6.1.5

This is the documentation for version 6.1.5 of Knopflerfish - OSGi Service Platform.

Knopflerfish 6 (KF6) is the first release of Knopflerfish which is implemented according to the OSGi R6 specifications.

The Contents section provides a summary of what is included in the release.

The Release Notes has the full summary of all changes.

About Knopflerfish

Makewave is the maintainer and sponsor of the Knopflerfish project and has several developers assigned to develop and maintain the Knopflerfish OSGi distribution.

The Knopflerfish project's goal is to develop and distribute easy to use open source code, build tools and applications, related to the OSGi framework. See charter for details.

The OSGi Service Platform

The OSGi Alliance specifies the OSGi Service Platform, an industry standard Java application platform, allowing multiple applications, to securely run in a single JVM. These programs can share resources as data, functionality and threads.

Knopflerfish OSGi is an implementation of the OSGi Specifications.

Applications areas for OSGi ranges from use as a service platform on embedded devices, to plugin mechanisms for larger programs. The initial goal of OSGi was the embedded market, but other uses are certainly possible.

For more information on the OSGi Alliance, see