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Release Notes Knopflerfish 6.1.1 (OSGi R6)

Maintenance release of Knopflerfish 6 available from Released 2017-08-21.

Knopflerfish 6 is an implementation of the "OSGi Service Platform Release 6". It contains all services specified in the "Core Specification" and most of the non Enterprise Edition related services specified in the "Compendium Specification".

The Release Notes include all new features & changes for Knopflerfish 6.1.1 compared to the release of Knopflerfish 6.1.0

Knopflerfish Framework - OSGi Core Specification

Framework 8.0.5
Fixed issue #23. If you change the filtering of a service listener by calling BundleContext.addServiceListener() when an event delivery is in progress, then the event calls that are queued will be dropped. This is true even if the event matched the filte both before and after the filtering change.

OSGi Compendium Specification

Knopflerfish Services

Misc, start scripts, build system etc

Build system
Changed download location for asm_all jar.