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Release Notes Knopflerfish 5.2.1 (OSGi R5)

Maintenance release of Knopflerfish 5 available from Released 2016-10-20.

Knopflerfish 5 is an implementation of the "OSGi Service Platform Release 5". It contains all services specified in the "Core Specification" and most of the non Enterprise Edition related services specified in the "Compendium Specification".

The Release Notes include all new features & changes for Knopflerfish 5.2.1 compared to the release of Knopflerfish 5.2.0.

Knopflerfish Framework - OSGi Core Specification

Framework 7.2.4
Fixed so optional imports in fragment bundles do not block attach to resolved fragment hosts.
Updated resolve process so that it can find and attach fragments that adds new export packages.
Framework 7.2.3
Fixed so that we can use security manager without persistent storage (e.g. read-only mode).
Framework 7.2.2
Added missing check in resolver, caused the resolver under certain conditions to go into an infinite loop when a bundle wasn't resolvable.
Framework 7.2.1
Added some packages from org.apache.commons... to be exported package on Android systems by default.
Set default value to true for the property org.knopflerfish.framework.is_doublechecked_locking_safe on Android systems.

OSGi Compendium Specification

CM 5.0.2
Fixed race condition that could cause a NullPointerException in ConfigurationAdminFactory.createEvent().
HTTP 5.1.2
Removed debug printout that incorrectly indicated a NPE problem.
HttpServletResponse.getLocale() incorrectly returned null if no locale had been set. Corrected to return the default locale.
HTTP 5.1.1
Corrected issues in the HttpServletRequest class. Some methods caused NPE or gave incorrect results during the second GET call in a Keep-Alive connection. Methods affected: getLocalAddr(), getLocalName(), getRemteAddr(), getRemoteHost(), getLocalPort(), getRemotePort().

Knopflerfish Services

HttpClientConnector 3.1.3.kf5-001
Re-packaged the bundle to avoid classloader problems on Android systems.
Export org.apache.commons.codec packages.

Misc, start scripts, build system etc

BundleDexifier 1.0.0
Added version number to bundledexifier.
Don't add classes.dex when bundle doesn't contain java classes.
junit 3.8.1.kf4-003
Corrected issue with published JUntiResult being included every test suite result even they were not related.
junit 3.8.1.kf4-002
New support interface for distributed testing and publishing JUnitTestResults services in the registry. The junit bundle will after the test run collect these publish results and include them in the xml test result output.
junit_runner 4.1.0
Updated xsl for handling collected test results originating from published JUnitTestResult services.
http_servlet_test 1.1.0
Update to use HttpClient / httpclient_connector for all request testing. More test cases added.
http_servlet_test 1.0.0
New regression test: http_servlet_test for testing the Servlet API from within a test servlet, running inside the KF HTTP server,