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Release Notes Knopflerfish 5.2.0 (OSGi R5)

Maintenance release of Knopflerfish 5 available from Released 2015-07-10.

Knopflerfish 5 is an implementation of the "OSGi Service Platform Release 5". It contains all services specified in the "Core Specification" and most of the non Enterprise Edition related services specified in the "Compendium Specification".

The Release Notes include all new features & changes for Knopflerfish 5.2.0 compared to the release of Knopflerfish 5.1.0.

Knopflerfish Framework - OSGi Core Specification

Framework 7.2.0
New improved support for Android DEX files. Now we follow the Bundle-Classpath. You no longer need to include the *.class files.
Fixed NPE which could happen we doing a dynamic import.
Framework 7.1.4
Fixed NPE during package resolving.
Framework 7.1.3
Fixed native code checking before we attach fragment.
Changed behaviour start-up of start-level service, so that always goes to beginning start-level instead of last active start-level from previous run. This to comply with the OSGi Core specification.
Removed limit on number of queued start-level operations (was 100).

OSGi Compendium Specification

UserAdmin 4.1.2
Fixed so it runs under Dalvik that lacks Security support.
HTTP Server 5.1.0
HTTP server refactoring making the HTTP server use less resources (threads and memory).
New HTTP server thread pool. The maximum number of threads and threads keeping open, or "Keep-Alive" connections can be tuned via two new system properties: org.knopflerfish.http.threads.max and org.knopflerfish.http.threads.keep_alive
HTTP server supports and uses chunked transfer encoding by default
Minor corrections to be more HTTP/1.1 conformant. E.g. not sending "Connection: Keep-Alive" to an HTTP/1.1 client, but rather only sending "Connection: close" when actually closing the connection
Support for automatic compressing of content. This is controlled via the property: org.knopflerfish.http.always_compress.mime_types. Content with a mime type specified by this comma separated list will always be compressed by the container. Specifying just the type and leaving out the subtype will apply compression to all subtypes. E.g. "text" will apply compression to text/html, text/plain etc. "text" is the default value.
HTTP Server 5.0.0
Improved the configuration handling the first time a CM configuration is received to avoid unnecessary reconfigurations of the built-in default setings. This could lead to a server socket close followed by new listen on the same port.
CM meta-data is updated to include previously undocumented configuration parameters.

Knopflerfish Services

Misc, start scripts, build system etc

Build files
The Android build system has been updated. Built Android/DEX bundles will be placed in the "dex_jars" directory. The Android/DEX framework will be called "framework.dex.jar". Building dex jars is enabled by setting the property "ANDROID_HOME". Already built bundles can be dexified by calling the ant target "dex_jars".
The build files under "tools/android" has been updated to use the new build environment.
*.xargs files
Updated according to new start-level behaviour.
Changed the download URL for bnd and bndtools artifacts to the bndtools repo on github