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Building Knopflerfish

Knopflerfish includes an ant based build system for building a complete Knopflerfish distribution as well as building individual bundles. Ant 1.7 or later is required, available from

Knopflerfish can be built either by checking out the entire source code , or by (re)building an installed distribution.

The top level build file is located in the osgi directory. The default target is to build the framework and all bundles in the bundles directory.

Invoking ant with the -p option will display the possible targets.

bash-3.2$ ant -p
Buildfile: build.xml

Main targets:

 all                       Builds the framework and all bundles including optional and test bundles
 bundle_doc                Builds bundle specific docs
 bundle_tasks              Defines the custom Knopflerfish bundle tasks
 bundletasks.bundle_tasks  Defines the custom Knopflerfish bundle tasks
 clean                     Removes all generated files and directories.
 clean_local               Remove all bundles built by this build-file but keep all other bundles 
                           in the jars sub-directory.
 default                   Builds the framework and bundles in bundles-directory
 javadoc                   Create javadoc for all exported packages
 rebuild                   Cleans then build build all
 run                       (Re)start the framework.
 run-init                  Initial start with default set of bundles.
 run-kf-tests              Builds then executes the KF testsuite.
 run-kf-tests-secure       Builds then executes the KF testsuite with security enabled.
 run-secure                (Re)start framework with security enabled.
 run-secure-init           Initial start with security enabled and default set of bundles.
Default target: default

To add and build additional bundles see the programming section.