Bundle: sslj2sp
Version 4.0.0

SSL Provider — Using the Java 2 Security Architecture.

The sslj2sp bundle registers one or several SslServerSocketFactory objects as OSGi services. These services can be used by other bundles to establish secure TCP connections. For example, to implement HTTPS, look at the documentation of your HTTP Service bundle to see if it will support the use of such services.

Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE)

This bundle relies on the presence of Sun's Java™ Secure Socket Extensions (JSSE); more specifically, jsse.jar must be available on the system class-path. This is always the case when using Sun's Java™ Platform Standard Edition, v1.4+. To read more about this see the JSSE Reference Guide for Java Platform Standard Edition 1.4 or 7.

To create your customized SSL certificate, see section "Creating a Keystore to Use with JSSE". NOTE: This material is owned by Sun Microsystems, please refer to their terms and conditions. You can use the Configuration Manager to tell the sslj2sp bundle what SslServerSocketFactory service(s) to create, see section Configuration Manager. If nothing is specified, a default configuration will be used.


The sslj2sp bundle may be configured using the OSGi Configuration Manager (CM). It accepts factory configurations with the factory PID
If no configuration is available in CM, a default configuration with values equals to the defaults described below will be used.

Properties with a name [none] can not be configured in the current implementation.

Name Description Value type Default value
[none] SSL protocol to use. String TLSv1
[none] Keystore type String JKS
keystore This property represents a keystore, which must be created as described in section "JSSE". The sslj2sp will interpret the value for this property as follows:
  • assume that the keystore has been stored to the CM as an array of bytes (byte[]).
  • assume that the value is the name of the keystore file on the local file system.
If none of these assumptions lead to a valid key manager, the bundle will log a warning and use the default.
String or byte[] [internal]
keystorepass The password for the store (plain text). String [internal]
[none] Keymanager type. String SunX509

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