Bundle: repository_xml
Version 1.0.2

Repository XML

The Knopflerfish OSGi Repository XML bundle provides Repository services based on the contents of XML documents using the OSGi specified schema http://www.osgi.org/xmlns/repository/v1.0.0.


The Knopflerfish OSGi Repository XML bundle creates Repository services that reflects the contents of XML documents following the OSGi specified schema: http://www.osgi.org/xmlns/repository/v1.0.0.


The XML documents to parse and present as Repository services can be configured in several ways:

Configuration properties

The Repository XML bundle supports the following framework properties for configuration:

Name Description Value type Default value
org.knopflerfish.repository.xml.urls Comma separated list of OSGi Repository XML URLs for instantiating Repository Services from. String

Configuration via Configuration Management

The Repository XML bundle uses a factory PID to configure repository services. Each factory PID configuration instance corresponds to one XML file for which one Repository service will be created.

The factory PID is org.knopflerfish.repository.xml.MSF.

Name Description Value type Default value
url URL pointing to the location of an OSGi Repository XML file to instantiate a Repository Service from. String

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Exported Packages

org.knopflerfish.service.repository1.0.0repository_xml_all-1.0.2, repository_xml_api-1.0.2