Bundle: repository_desktop
Version 1.1.1

The Knopflerfish Desktop Repository plug-in

The Knopflerfish OSGi Desktop Repository plug-in provides a bundle detail view for interacting with the OSGi repository and resolver services.


The Knopflerfish OSGi Desktop Repository plug-in provides a bundle detail view for working with OSGi repositories. It support common operations like browsing repositories and installing a bundle from a repository. Future versions of this plugin will also work with OSGi resolver services to be able not only to install the selected bundle but also all its dependencies that are needed for the selected bundle to be fully functional.

The Repository-desktop view

The view presents a tree view of all resources that are down-loadable bundles in the configured repositories. The tree supports a number of different ways to sort the bundles. The drop-down on the left in the tool-bar below the bundle tree can be used to change the sort order.

The main part of the view (to the right of the bundle tree) shows details for the selected bundle. Here you can see the download URL, the size and a SHA-256 checksum for the bundle. You can also see all capabilities that the bundle provides and requires.

The Repository-desktop view tool-bar

The tool.bar below the bundle tree on the left of the repository view provides buttons to:

The settings window

In the settings window you can configure the rank of a repository. The repositories are searched for resources in rank order, highest rank first.

It is also possible to enable or disable a repository. A disabled repository is not searched when searching for bundle resources. Note that the enable / disable state only applies to the current "session".

The settings dialog also provides an "Add..." button to define new XML-based repositories.

Configuration properties

The Repository-Desktop bundle does not support any properties for configuration.

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