Bundle: prefs
Version 4.0.2


The prefs bundle implements the OSGi Preferences service that provides easy to use persistent storage of bundle data.


With Preferences, bundles can store data persistently. Data is stored as named values in a tree structure where each node can have any number of key-value pairs. For example, Preferences can be used by a bundle to store application and user settings. A bundle typically uses a number of preferences tree roots, one for system settings and one for each user's settings.

This component implements the OSGi Preferences service.

Note that preferences are tied to a bundle. The OSGi service provides no way for a bundle to access the preferences of another bundle. Once fetched though, it is possible for one bundle to share its preferences with other bundles.

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Exported Packages

org.osgi.service.prefs1.1.1prefs_all-4.0.2, prefs_api-4.0.2