Bundle: log
Version 5.0.0


OSGi Log service implementation.


This bundle provides a log-service and a log-reader-service according to the OSGi Compendium specification. It also exports a managed service implementing both org.osgi.service.cm.ManagedService and org.knopflerfish.service.log.LogConfig to allow for configuration of the log service.

Console commands for interacting with the log service are provided by the bundle logcommands.

Configuration properties

Name Description Value type Default value
org.knopflerfish.log.out Print new log entries on System.out when set to "true". boolean false
org.knopflerfish.log.grabio If true grab all text printed on System.out and System.err and add it to the log. boolean false
org.knopflerfish.log.level The default log level. All log records that are of lesser severity than this level will be skipped when writing to the log file and not keept in memory. Case insensitive String, one of "INFO", "DEBUG", "WARNING", "ERROR", "DEFAULT". INFO
org.knopflerfish.log.file If true write log entries to file. Only entires with the severity given by org.knopflerfish.log.level or higher are written. boolean false
org.knopflerfish.log.file.dir The path to the directory to write the cyclic file log to. If empty or not given the data directory of the log-bundles will be used. String
org.knopflerfish.log.memory.size Number of log records to keep in memeory. Integer 250
org.knopflerfish.log.timestamp.pattern The pattern to use when formatting the timestamp of a log entry. The value of this property must follow the rules of a pattern as defined by the class java.text.SimpleDateFormat. String yyyyMMdd HH:mm:ss

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Exported Packages

org.knopflerfish.service.log1.2.0log_all-5.0.0, log_api-5.0.0
org.osgi.service.log1.3.0log_all-5.0.0, log_api-5.0.0