Bundle: frameworkcommands
Version 4.0.1

Framework Commands

The Knopflerfish framework console bundle


The Framework commands bundle includes a rich set of commands through which the Knopflerfish framework can be controlled. This includes bundle management (install, start, stop etc), OSGi service information, to package and permission management.

Framework Command Group

The console command group is framework

The available commands are:

Available framework commands:
  addpermission [-help] -b #bundle# | -d | -l #location# <type> [<name> [<actions>]] - Add permissions to bundle
  bundlelevel [-help] <level> [<bundle>] ... - Set startlevel(s) for bundles
  bundles [-help] [-1] [-i] [-l] [-s] [-t] [<bundle>] ... - List bundles
  call [-help] [-f #filter#] <interface> <method> [<args>] ... - Call a method with zero or more java.lang.String
  capability [-help] [-d] [-i] [-l] [-r] [-p] [<bundle>] ... - Show information about active capablities in the current wiring for a bundle
  cd [-help] [-reset] [-a] [<base URL>] ... - Shows or sets the base URLs used to complete bundle location
  certificates [-help] [ -i ] <bundle> ... - List certificates for bundles
  closure [-help] <bundle> - Display the closure for a bundle
  condpermission [-help] [<name>] ... - Get conditional permissions
  deletepermission [-help] [-r] -b #bundle# | -d | -l #location# <type> <name> <actions> - Delete permissions from a bundle
  findbundles [-help] <symbolic name> - Find bundles with a given symbolic name
  frominstall [-help] <url> [<location>] - Install a bundle with a specific location from an URL
  fromupdate [-help] <bundle> <url> - Update a bundle from a specific URL
  headers [-help] [-i] [-l #locale#] <bundle> ... - Show bundle header values
  install [-help] [-s] <location> ... - Install one or more bundles
  meminfo [-help] [-gc] [-b | -m] - Display java memory information, in kilobytes
  package [-help] [-l] -b | -p [<selection>] ... - Show java package information
  pending [-help] [-i] [-l] - Show the bundles that have non-current, in use bune.dle wirings
  permissions [-help] [-d] [<selection>] ... - Show permission information
  property [-help] [-s] [-f] [<property>] ... - Lists Framework and System properties with values.
  refresh [-help] [<bundle>] ... - Refresh all exported java packages belong to specified bundle
  resolve [-help] [<bundle>] ... - Resolve one or more bundles
  services [-help] [-i] [-l] [-sid #id#] [-f #filter#] [-r] [-u] [<bundle>] ... - List registered services
  setcondpermission [-help] [-name #name] <conditional_permission_info>... - Set conditional permission
  showstate [-help] [<pid>] ... - Show the state of a service, if the service provides state information
  shutdown [-help] [-r] - Shutdown framework
  start [-help] [-t] [-e] <bundle> ... - Persistently start one or more bundles according to their 
  startlevel [-help] [<level>] - Shows or sets the global startlevel
  stop [-help] [-t] <bundle> ... - Persitently stop one or more bundles
  threads [-help] [-a] [-s] [<name>] ... - Display threads within this framework
  uninstall [-help] <bundle> ... - Uninstall one or more bundles
  update [-help] <bundle> ... - Update one or more bundles
  wiring [-help] [-i] [-l] [-r] [-p] [<bundle>] ... - Show information about active wires in the current wiring for a bundle

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