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Version 4.0.1

The Knopflerfish Event Admin Service

The Knopflerfish OSGi Event Admin Service is an implementation of the Event Admin Service specified in the OSGi compendium specification.


The Knopflerfish OSGi Event Admin Service is an implementation of the Event Admin Service in the OSGi Service Compendium that provides parallel delivery of events posted by different threads.

Configuration properties

Name Description Type Default
org.knopflerfish.eventadmin.timeout The timeout in milliseconds to apply to calls to the handleEvent(Event) of individual event handlers. The value 0 means no timeout. long ≥ 0 0
org.knopflerfish.eventadmin.timewarning When set to a value > 0 then measure the time of each call to the handleEvent(Event) of event handlers. If the call lasts longer than the value of this property then log this event handler delivery call and its duration in the OSGi log using a log entry with severity ERROR.

Time warnings are only supported when the event handler call timeout described above is unset (i.e., set to 0).

long ≥ 0 0
org.knopflerfish.eventadmin.queuehandler.multiple If multiple event delivery queues should be used or not. If set to true each thread calling the EventAdmin.postEvent()-method will be assigned its own queue for delivering its events. boolean true
org.knopflerfish.eventadmin.queuehandler.timeout The timeout (milliseconds) before an event delivering queue that has nothing to do is disposed. That is if there has been no events for the queue to deliver for more than this number of milliseconds then the queue will be terminated. If the thread posts another event later on a new delivery queue instance will be created.

This timeout is only in use when multiple even delivery queues are enabled.

long ≥ 0 1100

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Exported Packages

org.osgi.service.event1.3.0event_all-4.0.1, event_api-4.0.1