Bundle: device
Version 4.0.1

Device Manager

The Device Manager bundle implements the OSGi Device Access Model.


The Device Manager matches and attaches drivers to devices. With the help of one or more DriverLocator services it can dynamically install and start drivers on demand.

These concepts are used in the Device Manager documentation.

A service that mirrors a physical device.
Idle Device
A Device that no Driver service is attached to.
Device Manager
A framework component that looks for registration and unregistration of devices and finds a driver for a device.
Is called by the Device Manager to check for matches and carry out attachment.
Driver Locator
A service that downloads suitable drivers.
Driver Selector
A service to break ties in case multiple drivers return the same (best) match value.

Device Access Model

The device access model is a part of the OSGi service platform specification. It splits responsibilities for device management into several parts. The device manager is the motor in this process and it is supplied with the framework. There must never be more than one device manager installed.

Knopflerfish includes a basic driver locator bundle, basicdriverlocator.

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Exported Packages

org.osgi.service.device1.1.0device_all-4.0.1, device_api-4.0.1