Bundle: consoletelnet
Version 4.0.1

Console Telnet

This bundle provides a telnet server that acts as a user interface to the KF console


The Console Telnet bundle is a telnet server that makes Knopflerfish console commands available to the end user. Any telnet client can be used to connect to it.

This bundle is typically used during development.

Configuration properties

Name Description Value type Default value
org.knopflerfish.consoletelnet.user User login name for remote access. String admin
org.knopflerfish.consoletelnet.pwd Password for the user login name configured using the property org.knopflerfish.consoletelnet.user described above. String admin
org.knopflerfish.consoletelnet.port Port number that the telnet server will listen on. int 23
org.knopflerfish.consoletelnet.host Host (IP interface name) to open the telnet server socket on. An empty string means all available interfaces. String
org.knopflerfish.consoletelnet.busywait If set to true use a busy-loop polling for characters from the input stream. If false the reading thread will hang on the read-operation until data becomes available. boolean false

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