Bundle: cm_desktop
Version 5.0.2

The Knopflerfish Desktop CM plug-in

The Knopflerfish OSGi Desktop CM plug-in provides a bundle detail view for managing OSGi configurations.


The Knopflerfish OSGi Desktop CM plug-in provides a bundle detail view for managing OSGi configurations. It support common operations as create, update and delete for CM configurations. It can also import and export configurations using the cm_data.dtd XML document format.

The CM-desktop view

The view presents configurations with associated metatype information for the selected bundle. In the top part of the view there will be two selectors, selecting which PID (configuration) to show. The upper selector selects amongst PIDs with accompanying metatype data (OCD, Object Class Definition) defining the set of properties (AD Attribute Definitions) that may be configured for the PID. The second selector selects Factory PIDs (configurations). For more information on metatype see chapter 105 in the OSGi Compendium Specification.

The main part of the view shows one configuration with inputs for all the properties defined for it in its metatype description. On top there are controls for the CRUD-operations and if it is a factory PID that was selected there will be a drop down for selecting the instance of the factory PID to view and work with.

A configuration instance can be targeted to a specific bundle by appending the actual PID with a target specification. It is possible to target configuration instances on

Controls for selecting the target level are available in the upper par of the main view.

Special presentations

If the system bundle is the selected bundle then this displayer will show the union of all PIDs defined by metatype information in all installed bundles.

If the CM bundle is selected and the kf-metatype bundle is the provider of the MetaTypeService then this view will show all configurations present in CM. In this case metatype information is generated from the actual configuration data so it will not be as precise as the one obtained from metatype information in a bundle.

If no bundle is selected (or a bundle without any meta type information) then the view will display a page that informs about these special presentations, a list of all bundles with meta type information and an Import... button that will present a dialog for importing cm_data.dtd XML documents.

The CM-desktop dependencies

The CM-Desktop needs the metatype API and an implementation of the MetaTypeService to work. These are provided by the metatype-bundle and the kf_metatype bundle.

Configuration properties

The CM-Desktop bundles does not support any properties for configuration.

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