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Release Notes Knopflerfish 5.1.0 (OSGi R5)

Maintenance release of Knopflerfish 5 available from Released 2014-06-13.

Knopflerfish 5 is an implementation of the "OSGi Service Platform Release 5". It contains all services specified in the "Core Specification" and most of the non Enterprise Edition related services specified in the "Compendium Specification".

The Release Notes include all new features & changes for Knopflerfish 5.1.0 compared to the release of Knopflerfish 5.0.0.

Knopflerfish Framework - OSGi Core Specification

Framework 7.1.2
Fixed framework restart problem introduced in 7.1.0.
Relaxed "" parsing, so that it tries short US locale pattern if default locale parsing fails.
Framework 7.1.1
Fixed exception when doing BundleWiring.listResources on root directory.
Framework 7.1.0
Added new URL protocol "fwresource" to access resources from the framework classloader.
The start class org.knopflerfish.framework.Main now tries to load xargs as a framework resource if the file is not found. This means that we together with the new fwresource protocol can create a single jar that contains the framework, all jars and xargs files that needs to start a complete application.
Added property "org.knopflerfish.framework.readonly", that puts framework in a read only mode. This means that framework will not write any files in "fwdir". This means that if we are running with the default "file" bundle storage then new bundles must be installed as a referenced file URL. This also implies that no data storage will be available to bundles.
Framework 7.0.2
Fixed bug that caused IndexOutOfBoundsException when updating large collections of ConditionalPermissionInfos using ConditionalPermissionUpdate.
Added property "" to framework for testing certification validation with different dates.

OSGi Compendium Specification

UserAdmin 4.1.1
Now contains and imports/exports org.knopflerfish.service.log in order to be self-contained.
Changed to use the OSGi defined Bundle-Icon instead of Application-Icon.
KF-XML-Metatype 5.0.1
Fixed bug in handling of designate-element that could cause configurations to be created, deleted or overwritten unintentionally. Refactored handling of standardized OSGi metatype xml and legacy proprietary meta type xml into separate classes.
CM 5.0.1
Improved the persistent storage of CM data, made it more robust and fault resilient.
HTTP-Server 4.0.5
Fixed another bug in the handling of chunked transfer encoding in the Request implementation. The last chunk (with size 0) is not followed by any chunk-data and thus there is no CRLF to consume.
HTTP-Server 4.0.4
Fixed another bug in the handling of chunked transfer encoding in the Request implementation. A chunk contianing a charter followed by a new line char was not correctly un-chunked.
HTTP-Server 4.0.3
Fixed a bug in the handling of chunked transfer encoding in the Request implementation. An extra CR-LF was incorrectly added to the end of the decoded data, causing problems when transfering binary data like a zip-file.
Prefs 4.0.2
Added bundle icon.
Repository XML 1.0.2
Fixed a bug in RequirementImpl and did some clean up.
Repository XML 1.0.1
Fixed a bug in CapabilityImpl.
SCR(component) 5.0.3
Fixed missed factory component check in previous version. This miss caused following error:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Internal error! Factory component only created with newInstance

SCR(component) 5.0.2
Fixed a bug that caused factory components to be falsely created or missed being created when we use target filters.
SCR(component) 5.0.1
Fixed a bug that caused problems when adding a CM configuration with a target filter to an unsatisfied component.

Knopflerfish Services

CM Desktop 5.0.2
Add requirement for the Meta Type Service.
KF Resource Analyzer Extensions 1.0.1
Added proper handling of Bundle-License according to osgi.identity namepsace.
Repository Commands 1.1.1
Bug fixes and some refactorings.
Repository Commands 1.1.0
Added [-r] flag to install command that tries to automatically find and install dependencies along with the specified bundle by using new methods in Repository Manager.
Repository Desktop 1.1.1
The dialogue now gives information about exactly what will be installed when asking if a Resolver should be used.
Repository Desktop 1.1.0
Added support for new methods in Repository Manager to use a Resolver service when available.
Repository Manager 1.2.0
Added install and resolverAvailable methods to RepositoryManager interface. Embedded Resolver and Repository APIs.
Repository Manager 1.1.0
Added support for Resolver services and added RepositoryManager.findResolution method.
KF-XML-Metatype 5.0.2
Only build an "all" variant. This makes it possible to correctly install CM-Desktop using the Repository Desktop with the Felix resolver.

Misc, start scripts, build system etc

Added commented out line to install Resolver reference implementation.