Bundle Jar Documentation

This section contains information on all bundle jar files included in this distribution of Knopflerfish.

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Unresolved packages
axis-osgi_all-0.1.0.kf3 org.omg.CORBA 0.0.0 optional,
org.omg.CosNaming 0.0.0 optional,
sun.awt.image.codec 0.0.0 optional,
sun.security.provider 0.0.0 optional,
test.wsdl.import2.types 0.0.0 optional
axis2-osgi_all-1.3.0.kf3 org.springframework.beans 0.0.0 optional,
org.springframework.context 0.0.0 optional,
org.springframework.web.context 0.0.0 optional,
org.springframework.web.context.support 0.0.0 optional
xerces-2.10.1.kf3 sun.io 0.0.0 optional

Bundle Jars Listing

applicationadmin_api-1.0.0Application Admin API (API)
axis-osgi_all-0.1.0.kf3Axis Server
axis2-osgi_all-1.3.0.kf3Axis2 Server
basicdriverlocator-3.0.0Basic device driver locator (IMPL)
basicdriverlocator_all-3.0.0Basic device driver locator
blueprint_api-1.0.0Blueprint Container API (API)
bundlerepository_all-3.1.2OBR bundle repository using the KF console and desktop
cm-3.0.1Configuration management service (IMPL)
cm_all-3.0.1Configuration management service
cm_api-3.0.1Configuration management service (API)
cm_cmd-3.0.1Commands for the CM service (IMPL)
cm_desktop-3.0.0CM desktop plugin (IMPL)
cm_desktop_all-3.0.0CM desktop plugin
comm-linux_all-2.0.0Native driver for linux javax.comm using the RXTX library. Note that this bundle is LGPL and contains full source to rxtx
comm-win32_all-2.0.1Native driver for win32 javax.comm using Sun's COMM library
command_all-0.1Command Service
command_api-0.1Command Service (API)
commandtty-2.0.0Command line system console (IMPL)
commons-logging_all-2.0.0.kf3Apache Commons logging. Publishced under Apache License. See http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
component_all-3.0.3Declarative Services SCR
component_api-3.0.3Declarative Services SCR (API)
connectors-2.0.1OSGi IO http, socket and datagram-receive Connectors (IMPL)
connectors_all-2.0.1OSGi IO http, socket and datagram-receive Connectors
console-3.0.1Knopflerfish Console Service (IMPL)
console2command-1.0.0Wrapper for KF console commands to OSGi 4.2 commands (IMPL)
console_all-3.0.1Knopflerfish Console Service
console_api-3.0.1Knopflerfish Console Service (API)
consoletcp-2.0.0Console Service Server accepting TCP connection. (IMPL)
consoletcp_all-2.0.0Console Service Server accepting TCP connection.
consoletelnet-3.0.1Console Service Server accepting Telnet Connections. (IMPL)
consoletty-3.0.1Console Service Command Line Console (IMPL)
crimson-2.1.0.kf3The Crimson XML parser
deploymentadmin_api-1.0.1Deployment Admin API (API)
desktop-3.1.6Swing framework desktop (IMPL)
desktop_all-3.1.6Swing framework desktop
desktop_api-3.1.6Swing framework desktop (API)
desktop_jvm-1.0.0JVM info desktop plugin (IMPL)
desktop_jvm_all-1.0.0JVM info desktop plugin
device-3.0.0Device manager (IMPL)
device_all-3.0.0Device manager
device_api-3.0.0Device manager (API)
dirdeployer_all-3.0.1Monitors a set of file system directory for bundlesto deploy
dirdeployer_api-3.0.1Monitors a set of file system directory for bundlesto deploy (API)
dmtree_api-1.0.1DMT Admin API (API)
event_all-3.0.4Event Admin
event_api-3.0.4Event Admin (API)
foreignapplication_api-1.0.0Foreign Application Access API (API)
frameworkKnopflerfish OSGi framework system bundle
frameworkcommands-3.0.3Framework commands (IMPL)
http-3.0.5HTTP/HTTPS Server (IMPL)
http_all-3.0.5HTTP/HTTPS Server
http_api-3.0.5HTTP/HTTPS Server (API)
httproot-3.0.1Demo HTTP Service user that publishes on the root (IMPL)
io_api-3.0.0IO (API)
jinidriver_all-0.1.0Jini driver (experimental) using Sun's jini impl. jini-core.jar and jini-ext.jar, see http://wwws.sun.com/software/jini/licensing/SCSL3_JiniTSA1.html
jsdk_api-2.5.0.kf3The servlet API classes (API)
junit_all-3.0.0JUnit support
junit_runner_all-3.0.0Grunt, the JUnit test runner. Runs JUnit tests registered in the framework and dumps results to XML files.
kf_metatype-3.0.1XML format support for CM and Metatype (LIB)
kf_metatype_all-3.0.1XML format support for CM and Metatype
ksoap-osgi_all-2.0.0kSOAP Server
ksoap_remotefw_all-3.0.3kSOAP based implementation of a remote framework
kxml-2.3.0.kf3Packing of kXML 2 as a bundle (LIB)
log-3.0.5The Knopflerfish OSGi log service (IMPL)
log_all-3.0.5The Knopflerfish OSGi log service
log_api-3.0.5The Knopflerfish OSGi log service (API)
logcommands-3.0.1Provides log commands for the Knopflerfish console (IMPL)
measurement-3.0.1Measurement API (LIB)
metatype-3.0.0Metatype API (LIB)
monitor_api-1.0.0Monitor Admin API (API)
oscar-shell_all-1.0.1Compatability layer for bundles using the Oscar shell API. See readme.txt for details.
oscar-shell_api-1.0.1Compatability layer for bundles using the Oscar shell API. See readme.txt for details. (API)
position-3.0.1Position API (LIB)
prefs_api-3.0.1Preferences (API)
provisioning_api-3.0.0Initial Provisioning (API)
remotefw_api-2.0.0Remote Framework (API)
rxtxcomm-linux-arm- comm native driver for Linux/arm_le (LIB)
rxtxcomm_api-2.1.7RXTX comm java library, requires native driver fragment (API)
serialportdevice_all-2.0.0Serial port device
serialportdevice_api-2.0.0Serial port device (API)
soap_demoservice_all-1.0.0SOAP demo bundle
soap_desktop-3.0.0SOAP Services desktop plugin (IMPL)
soap_remotefw_all-3.0.1SOAP remote framework
soapobject-0.0.2SOAP objects (IMPL)
soapobject_all-0.0.2SOAP objects
sslj2sp-2.0.0SSL Provider using the J2 security architecture. (IMPL)
threadio-0.1.0ThreadIO Service (IMPL)
threadio_all-0.1.0ThreadIO Service
threadio_api-0.1.0ThreadIO Service (API)
trayicon_fw-3.0.2Framework tray icon. Allows basic control of the framework using the windows system tray.
upnp_api-3.0.0UPnP (API)
useradmin-3.0.1User Administration Service (IMPL)
useradmin_all-3.0.1User Administration Service
useradmin_api-3.0.1User Administration Service (API)
util-2.0.1Misc utilities (LIB)
wireadmin_api-3.0.0WireAdmin (API)
xalan-2.7.1.kf3_01The Apache Xalan-Java XML transformer
xerces-2.10.1.kf3The Apache Xerces2 Java XML parser
xml-3.0.1XML (LIB)