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Changelog KF Eclipse plug-in

Release notes for KF Eclipse Plugin 1.2.3 Released: 2017-09-08

Launch Configuration
The plugin incorrectly used -startlevel for setting the inital start level after launch. Changed to use the OSGi property: org.osgi.framework.startlevel.beginning instead

Changelogs for older releases

Release notes for KF Eclipse Plugin 1.2.2 Released: 2014-05-22

Launch Configuration
Bug fix, removed -launch in init.xargs

Release notes for KF Eclipse Plugin 1.2.1 Released: 2012-05-25

Launch Configuration
Start level for bundles added to run configuration is now set to the framework initial start level.
Declarative service bundles are now started by default when added to run configuration.

Release notes for KF Eclipse Plugin 1.2.0 Released: 2012-03-16

Clear Bundle Cache in run configuration did not work on eclipse 3.7.
In the Eclipse plugin, not enough info in IOException - ID: 3458368 : Missing file added toIOException's message
Launch Configuration
Added arguments tab for setting program and VM arguments
Added source tab for editing source lookup path
Added possibility to import KF xargs files.
Added support for start_e, start_et and start_pt commands.
When selecting bundles in the bundles tab the selection is kept in the selected bundles list. A context menu has been added, allowing changing start level and/or mode for a selection of bundles.
Launch Configuration
When framework is added its init.xargs is parsed and the org.knopflerfish.gosg.jars property is read to determine which directories to scan for bundles.
Added new type of bundle repository, Directory Type. Which will scan a specified directory for bundles every time the launch configuration is opened.

Release notes for KF Eclipse Plugin 1.0.19 2010-11-10

Recompiled using compliance level 1.5, in previous version this was mistakenly set to 1.6.

Release notes for KF Eclipse Plugin 1.0.18 2010-11-09

Added support for version ranges in package imports and exports. This fixes various parse errors mainly shown in the Launch Configuration and the Manifest Editor.
Added support for optional packages.
Launch Configuration
Added support for version ranges in package imports and exports. This fixes the strange errors shown in the missing packages column in the bundles tab when package version was specified.
Added support for optional imports. If a manifest specifies an import as optional and the package is missing, it will say so in the Missing Packages column, but the row will not turn red.
The bundle info box, located between the Available bundles tree and Selected bundles list, has been removed in order to give more space to the Selected bundles list.
There was a problem when debugging bundles from the framework repository or external locations. The source code shown when stepping was attached as external and could not be modified. Now the source path computer will check if the source exists in the workspace, and if so attach it as a workspace folder which allows it to be edited.

Release notes for KF Eclipse Plugin 1.0.17 2010-09-20

Changed from the old yellow fish KF image to the new black image.
Launch Configuration
A new column has been added to the properties list, allowing to select the type of the property. The type can either be Framework or System. Framework properties are mapped to -F in the xargs file and System as -D.